In fashion sometimes people will say "so and so is wearing that outfit perfectly." Separately each garment maybe a fine piece, but put together in conjunction with each other an outfit becomes perfect. The wearer of these clothes make them pop and accents them in all the best ways. By chance, a Grey Ghost surfboard I road today seemed to embody this ethos. Standing at only 5'2 it was much shorter than any board I usually ride. However, the design components of the board seemed to work perfectly in sync with each other making the board a practical ride in waist high wind slop. A true testament to the board's design. It is way curvier than most shortboards or boards for smaller surf usually are. It has these beautiful smooth curvy hips in the midsection of the board allowing the board to maneuver fine in the pocket of the wave. The deck is flat and brought out to the rail which stays in a full round forgiving fashion. The EPS foam is distributed well with the nose and tail neither being too thick or too thin. For the record the paddling capabilities of the board are a pure dream.  What do I attribute this too? A forward wide point under the chest.

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